“The Body Shop” Mindset & Rates

The “Body Shop” Mindset:

My “Body Shop” is much like the body shop where you’d take your vehicle. My clientele is shockingly similar, too.

Our clientele might need:

  1. Minor work;
  2. Moderate work;
  3. A complete overhaul for “Run it ‘til it won’t run no more” bodies!

We see it all!

Choose your body shop wisely.

The very best body shop in town should:

  1. Employ a specialized technician;
  2. Listen to, and appreciate, its clientele;
  3. Possess state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and professional tools;
  4. Provide quality repair and maintenance plans at a fair cost.

The similarities continue…with one exception:

Essential bodyworks LLC restores human bodies!

  • Neural Reset Therapy® is my specialized service.
  • I’ll always listen to your concerns, appropriately assess your needs, expertly utilize every tool in my toolbox to facilitate your healing, provide quality service at a fair price, and ALWAYS appreciate you!

Our Rates:


Initial Appointment – Intake + Treatment        $100           (approx. 90-min. session)

1-Hour Therapeutic Massage Therapy                $ 75

1/2 – Hour Therapeuric Massage Therapy         $ 40

90-Minute Therapeutic Massage Therapy          $115



4 Hours @ $70/hour                                               $280      SAVE  $ 20

8 Hours @ $65/hour                                               $520       SAVE $ 80




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